How to enjoy in wedding favors?

How to enjoy in wedding favors?

Wedding celebrations should be once in a lifetime. It supposed to be very special. You don’t want to take risks here. You probably want to feel cozy and special and the same thing you want for your invitations. It takes two months to prepare everything to be perfect. Starting from your wedding dress to your music – everything has to be perfect and well-planed. Music is maybe the most important thing if you want to create a pleasant atmosphere and have fun. There are more and more couples who decide to change traditional wedding dance with some funnier and more interesting to their invitations. They practice for weeks or even months just to perform it like professional dancers.


Although this can be very interesting sometimes you have to give to your invitations something really wonderful to make them feel special at your celebration. There are a lot of things that you can do for them. And we are not talking about food.
decor1Tasty dishes with beautiful decorations are a mandatory. And question is what to do to make them feel really special? One of the good ideas can be all kind of wedding favors. Personally, my favorite is fortune cookies. You can make thousands of love messages and wrap them in nice decorative paper and put them in glasses on the table. If you manage to catch the moment when they are opening them you will really enjoy their faces, especially couples. You will be surprised how they can be touched by these messages.

The other way to wrap messages is to put them in small boxes with some kind of cookies, like Macaroons for example. They are traditional French cookies that are simply mouthwatering. And because of their colorfully appearance they are the best solutions for parties. The addition of sparklers at a wedding can also enhance the atmosphere, generally 36 inch wedding sparklers or 20 inch sparklers are used by photographer along with wedding coordinators.

wesele-3-300x200Sometimes you can pay wedding organizations to do everything instead you but then you won’t feel the magic of wedding preparation. And the best thing about a wedding is exactly this first part, so called before wedding part. You can really enjoy all details that you can prepare for your guests. Everything can look so special like in a fairy tale. The organization of the wedding can be very useful if you approach it in a different way. For a start, this is a good way to along with your partner discover your organizational skills, then to see whether you both are capable to do and organize anything together. In this way, you will discover others flaws and see whether you are able to live with them. This is an excellent assessment test for both of you. You will see what is your nature of working under the pressure is, and how nervous you can be.

Anyway preparing your wedding celebration definitely can’t be boring. This is something you should enjoy and do with pleasure. After all, it is your party, your loving ones gathered together in one place. And like I had mentioned before it should be once in a lifetime. So you better prepare yourself for the wildest night of your life. Additional wedding details can be obtained from the knot

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